A $300,000 project by Philadelphia Utilities to improve water quality and fire protection in the northwestern section of the city is near completion except for seeding and grassing.

The project was funded by a Community Development Block Grant and Philadelphia Utilities.

A new, more modern wastewater lift station was added at the intersection of Donald Avenue and Coleman Street.

Previously, a tin building housed the lift station for the area. The old building was torn down and the new open-air lift station added in the same proximity.

Philadelphia Utilities Manager John Burt said that the old building was an eyesore.

The lift station will pump wastewater along Coleman to a manhole near Westside Park. Then the wastewater will flow by gravity to other lift stations until ultimately ending up in the city lagoon.

The project also included the installation of eight additional fire hydrants in the area.

New eight-inch water lines were added along Carter Avenue and Chestnut and Gum streets.

Before the project started, there were several waterlines in the area that did not connect with any other lines. The new waterlines are now looped with the existing lines which will keep the water flowing from different directions so it can't gather up and become stagnant.

Burt was very pleased with the overall project.

"The water quality and fire protection is now better for these homeowners in the area," he said. "Overall, everything is just better."

Fifty-percent of the project was paid by the Community Development Block Grant, through the Mississippi Development Authority.

The grant was awarded to the City of Philadelphia on behalf of Philadelphia Utilities. Delta Constructors from Jackson was the contractor for the project.