To the citizens of Philadelphia:

It has been an honor serving as your Mayor and I’m asking that you support me in moving Philadelphia forward.

I am married to Sheryl J. Davis Young. We have one daughter Shanda Young-Gnintedem.

I am pastor of Calvary Apostolic Faith Church in Louisville, Miss. for 26 years, serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I made five promises eight years ago:

1. To lead with integrity and truthfulness.

2. To work hard for everyone.

3. Manage your tax dollars in the right way.

4. I would have no personal agendas.

5. To be fair and equal in representation for all.

 I have kept all of these promises.

Today I am proud to say that Philadelphia is financially stronger and with good management has increased revenue. We’ve been able to make vast improvements in our city.

Large and small businesses and retails alike are choosing Philadelphia, because of our atmosphere.

Goals for the next four years: Economic development, support for bypass, continued support of downtown development, tourism, and improve Law Enforcement along with others city services

On May 2nd, 2017, vote for proven leadership, sound judgement, experience, fairness, honesty.

James A. Young