While the June 4 general election was monitored by the Department of Justice, no alleged instances of voter fraud were reported to authorities here.

District Attorney Mark Duncan said that his office has not received any calls about voter fraud in connection with the general election in Philadelphia.

"I do not know of any reported cases," he said.

City Clerk James Johnson said no instances of voter fraud were reported to his office as well.

A report from the DOJ on its monitoring was not available at press time.

In the June 4 election, Democrat Mayor James Young won re-election, polling 51 percent of the vote, against Republican Roy White.

In the alderman-at-large race, Republican Willie Jackson defeated Democrat Leroy Clemons 1,348 to 1,219 or 53 percent. Incumbent Janice Payne did not seek re-election.

The only other contested race on the general election ballot was in Ward 1 where Republican Josh Gamblin defeated Democrat John Cooke, 498 to 144, to win the alderman seat with 77.5 percent of the vote.