As many as 16 cabins were on fire Monday morning at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds.
As many as 16 cabins were on fire Monday morning at the Neshoba County Fairgrounds.
Fifteen cabins were destroyed and seven others damaged in a fire that swept through a section of the Neshoba County Fairgrounds Monday morning.

The cause of the blaze that was reported at 8:43 a.m. has not been determined, said Neshoba County Fire Investigator Ralph Sciple.

The State Fire Marshal was investigating.

Fire damage was confined to two rows in the newest section of the Fairgrounds north of the racetrack and barns in the 860s through the 890s.

Firefighters from multiple departments and surrounded communities battled the blaze before bringing it under control in about two hours.

The fire was reported to 911 by a woman who saw flames coming from a particular cabin, officials said.

A firefighter from Choctaw Fire Department was taken by ambulance to Neshoba County General Hospital where he was treated for heat exhaustion and later released.

Three other firefighters were treated at the scene for heat exhaustion.

A trackhoe, brought in by W. G. Yates & Sons Construction Co., was used to pull down two of the burning cabins in an effort to contain the fire, said Neshoba County Emergency Management Director Jeff Mayo.

"The only way to put them out would have been an interior attack and that was not safe," he said.

Fairview Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched first and calls went out shortly after 9 to other departments to send water tankers and manpower.

Tankers and firefighters from Stallo, Tucker, Longino, Arlington, Dixon, Linwood, Hope, Arlington and North Bend responded.

Philadelphia, Choctaw, Union and Preston fire departments, among others, responded as well.

Firefighters set up a water shuttle with tankers and got water from a hydrant and two large fill tanks at Fairview Fire Department.

Firefighters had set up a water shuttle with tankers and were getting water from the water tower off Mississippi 21 between Philadelphia at the Fairgrounds at County Road 369.

Choctaw EMS responded to back up Neshoba when the firefighter was taken to the hospital.

The cabins destroyed were: 866, 867, 868, 869, 870, 871, 872, 889, 890, 891, 892, 893, 894, 895 and 896.

Cabins sustaining damage were: 873, 888, 901, 900, 899, 898 and 749.

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