Investigators are following up on leads in connection with an armed robbery Oct. 26 at Fred's on Pecan Avenue.

Philadelphia Police Department Investigator Bill Cox said a female night manager was alone in the store around 9 p.m. just after closing when an unknown male entered the store through the front door, which was unlocked.

She was getting a few personal items out of the front office, when the man, dressed in a gray jacket and pants, entered the store and brandished a black handgun believed to be an automatic, Cox said.

The robber, wearing a mask from the movie "Scream," demanded money from the manager at gunpoint.

"She followed his instructions and he left with a large amount of cash," Cox said. "She was unharmed but shaken up."

The money, the only thing taken in the robbery, was in a bag at the time.

While he would not discuss any leads in the case, Cox said he was confident the case would be solved.

However, he was unsure if the money would be recovered.

"What a robber does [with the money] is hard to determine," Cox said. "Some spend it, other sit on it and hide it. Everyone is different. I'd hate to pigeonhole each crime because of that."

Since the robbery, police patrols have increased in the area, Cox said.

Cox asked that anyone with information on the robbery may contact him at the police department at 601-656-2131.