Ward 4 voters reelected Cecil Nichols as alderman Tuesday night while Ward 1 elected its Republican nominee.

Nichols defeated Bobbie Jackson with 57 percent of the vote to win the alderman race in the Democratic primary. Jackson polled 229 votes while Nichols had 302 votes. There is no Republican opposition in the Ward 4 race.

Jackson served as Ward 4 alderman from 1997 to 2009.

She was defeated by Nichols in 2009.

Ward 1 voters elected Josh Gamblin as their Republican nominee for alderman. Gamblin defeated Woody Reed, 173 to 129 or 57 percent.

Gamblin will face Democrat John Cooke in the June 4 general election.

After being declared the winner, Nichols said it was a tight election.

"Mrs. Jackson was a good opponent," he said. "It was a close race from start to finish. I had good supporters."

He thanked all his supporters.

"I'm going to continue to do a good job for the citizens of Philadelphia and Ward 4," he said.

Gamblin also thanked his support.

"I want to congratulate Woody Reed, Laura Bailey and Judy Caverhill on a good clean race. I want to thank all my supporters. I'm really going to need your help in the general election."

Two other members of the Board of Aldermen were elected in the first primary: Republican Jim Fulton in Ward 2 and Democrat James Tatum in Ward 3.

Neither have opposition in the general election.

Voters citywide will return to the polls for the general election, when the ballot will also include candidates for mayor and alderman-at-large.

The liquor referendum will also be on the June 4 ballot.

Incumbent Democrat Mayor James A. Young will face Republican nominee Roy White.

White defeated Joe Tullos, 751 to 557, to win the Republican nomination for mayor.

Young was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

In the alderman-at-large race, voters chose between Democratic nominee Leroy Clemons and Republican nominee Willie Jackson in the general election.

Clemons defeated Jerry Smith, 673 to 236, to win the nomination.

Jackson was unopposed in the Republican primary.

On the liquor referendum, state law outlines the wording that would appear on the ballot:

"For the legal sale of alcoholic liquors" or "Against the legal sale of alcoholic liquors."

If voters approve the sale of liquor here, it would be up to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen to set guidelines.

The board could restrict the sale to restaurants and/or allow it to be sold in package stores.

Under the new law, residents of the county would not have a vote on the referendum.

The old law required liquor elections to be countywide even though liquor can be sold only within municipal boundaries.