Newly appointed library director Jacob Starks has resigned, citing a personal matter.

Interim Library Director Teresa Ridout confirmed Monday that Starks has left Philadelphia and returned to his previous job as a product support manager for a car dealership in Houston, Texas.

"He left due to a personal matter," she said.

Dianne West, president of the library board, added that Starks' decision to leave was "heart wrenching."

"He was sad to leave," she said, noting that the process of finding a replacement has begun.

Starks, a 32-year-old native of Cincinnati, Ohio, took over as library director on Aug. 1.

He succeeded Madonna May who left in 2012.

In an earlier interview, Starks said he had plans to improve the library inside, outside and beyond.

These plans included a jobs seeking program, increasing the availability of testing materials and bringing in more computers, among other ideas.