JACKSON (AP)  - A Neshoba County man has been sentenced to nearly seven years in prison in a federal methamphetamine case.

Dwight Deshay Willis, 29, was indicted in June on a charge of possession with intent to distribute more than 200 grams of the drug. The indictment says the crime happened in August 2012.

Willis was sentenced Monday to 82 months in prison during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Jackson.

Willis pleaded guilty in July.

U.S. Attorney Gregory K. Davis says in a news release that Willis was arrested following a traffic stop in August. Davis says the methamphetamine had a purity of over 90 percent.

Willis was arrested after picking up a package at the Philadelphia Post Office containing a controlled substance, the authorities said.

He was traveling in a 2004 7 Series BMW when the vehicle was stopped about 4:30 p.m. by officers of the Neshoba County Sheriff's office and the state Bureau of Narcotics.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell said at the time his office received a call from a confidential informant that a package containing methamphetamine was being sent by mail from California to Philadelphia.

"The package was intended to go to an address at a vacant house in the city of Philadelphia," he said. "The recipients, however, picked the package up at the Post Office."

Seized in the arrests was a package containing almost a pound of crystal methamphetamine with a street value of about $32,000, he said.

After receiving the tip, officers ran surveillance on the couple and observed them coming out of the Post Office.

"The methamphetamine was in a bag wrapped with layers of electrical tape and axle grease to mask the odor in case the package came in contact with any K-9 drug dogs during shipping," Neshoba County Sheriff's Investigator Grant Myers said.