The 2013-2014 school year at Neshoba Central will begin for students at 7:55 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013. The following schedules will be observed for each school:

Neshoba Central Elementary

Neshoba Central Elementary School will hold open house for grades K-2 on Tuesday, Aug. 6 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and for grades 3-5 on Aug. 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Parents are encouraged to attend.

On Thursday, Aug. 8, all students will report directly to their homeroom on arrival at school.

All teachers will have contacted parents regarding homeroom assignments prior to Aug. 8.

If you have not been contacted by your child's teacher and do not attend open house, please call the school office at 601-656-2182.

Neshoba Central Middle School

Neshoba Central Middle School will hold Open House at 6 p.m. for grades 6A and 7th on Aug. 13 and for grades 6B and 8th on Aug. 15, 2013.

On Aug. 8, all students are to report directly to homeroom on arrival at school. The first day of school schedule is as follows:

Grade 6th Team A

White, Young, McCoy, Parsons, Anthony and Huffman

Grade 6th Team B

Myatt, Atkinson, Rhodes, Eldridge, Powe and Huffman

The 6th Grade is divided into two teams of students. Students that are in 6th grade and in a homeroom of a teacher that is assigned to Team A will attend Open House on Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013. 6th grade students that are in Team B will attend Open House on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013.

Bell Schedule for Aug. 8, 2013:


HR: 7:55 and 9:10

1st: 9:15 and 9:45

2nd: 9:50 and10:20

3rd: 10:25 and10:55

4th: 11 and 12 - Lunch 6th Grade Only

5th: 12:05 and 1:27 - Lunch 7th and 8th Grades

6th: 1:32 and 1:55

7th: 2 and 2:30

HR: 2:35 and 3:15





6th Grade Homerooms

White, N. Room 1 Adams, Lundy - Boyd, Victoria

Myatt, J. Room 2 Brazzle, Eric - Cumberland, John Austin

Atkinson, D. Room 3 Daniels, DeKaren - Fox, Alexander

Young, C. Room 4 Fox, Mackenzie - Haston, Keely

McCoy, P. Room 5 Hathorn, Jeremiah - Jaafar, Sairah Katherine

Eldridge, E. Room 6 James, Dana - Lewis, Colby

Rhodes, C. Room 7 Lewis, Nicholas - Miller, Baileigh

Parsons, K. Room 8 Monroe, Shamiya - Porter, Matthew

Powe, L. Room 9 Pruitt, Tyler - Sharp, Nathan

Anthony, T. Room 10 Shelby, John David - Thompson, Russell

Huffman, K. Room 24 Thornton, Reagan - Zaffar, Latif

7th Grade Homerooms

Bush, S. Room 11 Abel, Tucker - Bonner, Evelyn

Smith, B. Room 12 Boone, Caitlin - Clemons, Jania

Horne, G. Room 13 Clemons, Matthew - Dunn, Bryan

Cumberland, J. Room 15 Duran, Breeanna - Griffin, Sharmon

Burnett, S. Room 16 Griffin, Wilson - Johnson, Christopher

Boyle, P. Room 17 Johnson, Ranaiza - Martinez, Carlos

Cumberland, P. Room 18 Matthews, Chloe - Nowell, Trevor

Hancock, T. Room 19 Oliphant, Madisyn - Rutledge, Hunter

Morgan, D. Room 20 Salter, Jon Byars - Spears, Melissa

Burk, T. Room 21 Spears, Samantha Jo - Watkins, Bayleigh

Haggard, J. Room 22 Watkins, James David - Young, Matthew

8th Grade Homerooms

Flake, L. Room 23 Ables, Ethan - Bounds, Mitchell

Holdiness, R. Room 25 Bowen, Alexandra - Chickaway, Jasmine

Adams, A. Room 26 Chisolm, Adrianna - Dreifuss, Natalie

Mikell, R. Room 27 Dunn, Kristopher - Gunter, Rebecca

Cumberland, K. Room 28 Hampton, Jeneka - Irby, John Robert

Blount, J. Room 29 Irvin, Michael - Luke, Shelly

May, G. Room 30 Lyons, Casey - Mooney, Katlyn

Thompson, C. Room 31 Moore, Jaiden - Ray, Brekaitya

Stovall, S. Room 32 Reynolds, Bailey - Smith, Taylor

Nowell, A. Room 33 Spears, Zachary - Wade, Allyson

Bates, N. Room 34 Ward, Jeremy - Winstead, Mattie Clair

Neshoba Central High School

Students in grades 9 through 12 should report to homeroom at the High School according to the homeroom assignments printed below.

All new high school students who have not pre-registered should report to the high school Counselor's office.

Senior sign-out and Vocational work students should plan to stay the entire day Thursday, Aug. 8. Early release for students on Senior sign out and Vocational work will begin on Friday, Aug. 9.

Bell Schedule for Aug. 8, 2013:


HR: 7:55 and 9:15

1st: 9:20 and 9:50

2nd: 9:55 and 10:30

3rd: 10:35 and 11:10

4th: 11:15 and 12

5th: 12:05 and 1:27

6th: 1:32 and 2:20

7th: 2:25 and 3:15




12th Grade Room Section Students

Mrs. C. Creel 107 1201 Alex Adams - Leverett Brown

Mrs. D. Duncan 106 1202 Lukas Brown - La'Tia Conover

Mrs. C. Hall 216 1203 Caitlan Covington - Eric Elsey

Mrs. G. Lesley 122 1204 John Ely - Kathryn Hillman

Mr. R. Pearson 100 1205 Ashley Holdiness - Colt Kilpatrick

Ms. A. Reynolds 207 1206 Kenya Kirkland - Ryan Montgomery

Mr. W. Rouse 222 1207 Jerrica Moore - Zachary Rigdon

Mrs. P. Stewart 116 1208 Corbin Rivers - Lanie Stokes

Mrs. S. Watson 201 1209 Keunna Stribling - James Walker

Mrs. T. Winstead 220 1210 Hannah Ward - Gregory Woodson

11th Grade Room Section Student

Mrs. D. Barefield 224 1101 Jeremy Adams - Lee Bowen

Mrs. A. Breland 203 1102 Jason Bradley - Derrick Charley

Mrs. N. Duran 219 1103 Brandon Clark - Noah Dozier

Mrs. R. Eakes 104 1104 Shinequa Drummond - Natalie Goodin

Mrs. L. Greenwood 128 1105 Jordan Goss - Darius Hunt

Mrs. J. Johnson 210 1106 Karye Ingram - Landon Massey

Mrs. L. Knight 112 1107 Lindsey Matthews - Kynisha Murrell

Ms. A. Mooney 218 1108 Alyssa Nash - Domaquansha Rankins

Mr. J. Mullins 110 1109 Johnny Rickles - Anna Sodders

Mr. C. Richmond 114 1110 Destiny Spink - Mallory Tucker

Mrs. C. A. Thomas CR 1111 Jordan Vining - Christian Young

10th Grade Room Section Students

Mrs. A. Bobo 221 1001 Keaton Abel - Tyrone Broxton

Mrs. A. Blackburn 125 1002 Jessica Bryan - Trace Cumberland

Mr. T. Dixon 202 1003 Alexander Davis - Cora Eubanks

Mrs. V. Grimes 109 1004 William Fanning - Jasmine Greer

Mr. T. Holland 113 1005 Deterius Griffin - Hunter Irons

Mr. T. McCool 103 1006 Angelica Jackson - Alexis Lowery

Mr. W. Pierce 101 1007 Ashley Malone - Jacquez Moore

Mrs. B. Stuart 117 1008 Jaethan Moore - Randi Rivers

Mr. S. Sullender 115 1009 Tyler Roberts - Morgana Spears

Mr. C. Killen 212 1010 Samantha Spears - John Vines

Mr. C. Wells 215 1011 Jenna Vining - Marcello Young

9th Grade Room Section Students

Ms. A. Holmes 204 901 Taylor Akins - Mykenzie Bester

Mrs. S. Johnson 209 902 Ivan Billie - Jauston Carter

Mrs. A. May 111 903 Priscilla Castro - Charlsey Crawford

Mr. L. McBeath 228 904 Caleb Creekmore - Brooklyn Gentry

Mr. K. Page 102 905 Madison George - Haley Holland

Mr. T. Petty 227 906 Jordan Horne - Alyssa Keller

Mrs. K. Price 214 907 Ashley Kennedy - Camryn McCraw

Mrs. M. Rigdon 226 908 CaSandra McGee - Jerry Pilgrim

Mr. G. Sanders 229 909 Chloe Pinter - Grace Sanders

Mr. Z. Sanders 213 910 Summer Sanders - Austin Thornton

Mrs. L. A. Stroud 217 911 Zachery Todd - Misty Weems

Mrs. C. Thomas 105 912 Kiaira Wells - Charles Young

Additional Information

1. House Bill 1530 provides that a compulsory-school-age child who is absent more than 37 percent of the instructional day must be considered absent the entire day. This impacts when you check in or out during the school day. Under this legislation if your child is not present 63 percent of his/her instructional day they will be counted absent the entire day regardless of the reason for the absence.

This is a legislative mandate by the State Of Mississippi. The only exceptions made by the legislature are official school absences for school sanctioned events, such as participation in: Official organized events sponsored by the 4-H or Future Farmers of American (FFA); Official organized junior livestock shows and rodeo events; Official service as a page at the State Capitol for the Mississippi House of Representatives or Senate; Official subject-matter field trips; Official student conventions; District sanctioned or other State authorized sanctioning entities (i.e., Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA) athletic contests, music festivals, contests, competitions); Any similar school-related activity sanctioned or sponsored by the State Board of Education

2. All 3rd graders, 6th Graders, and 9th graders of school year 2013-2014 are required to provide documentation of residency prior to the first day of school, Aug. 8, 2013. This pertains to State School Board Policy 6600.