Two and three dimensional art works created by Neshoba Central elementary, middle and high school students earned 130 awards in competition at the Neshoba County Fair.

Students participate in a joint Youth Art project sponsored by GFWC-MFWC Futura Club and the schools which began at Neshoba Central Elementary School in 1985.

It has expanded to include Neshoba Central Middle School and High School.

Neshoba Central art instructors Kay Bates, NCES, and Gayle Lesley, NCHS and NCMS, work with Futura Arts in the Community Chairperson Estelle Fowler and Co-Chairperson Alene Griffith.

All 20 NCES students won awards in the competitions. First place awards were earned by C. K. Gamblin, Piper L. Fulton, Cade Hall, Asaia Leach, Sierra Mallory, Gracy McLain, Justin Bailey Pilgrim, Cearia Mays, Keimaya Robinson, Robert Stop and Emalee Willis.

Second place awards went to Kaya Bishop, Ken Burks, Ellie Copeland, Breanna Creekmore, Tristan Boswell, Olivia Hantiz, Tylia Hull, Anna Jane Lovern, and Lauren Gwen Posey.

Two of the NCES students, Sierra Mallory and Cearia Mays, had earlier earned awards in GFWC-Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs, Inc. district and state youth art competitions under sponsorship by Futura.

And, four had won MFWC District Youth Art awards, Gracy McLain, Keimaya Robinson, Lauren Gwen Posey and Tylia Hull.

Lesley reported 110 artworks created by NCHS and NCMS students were entered in the Fair competitions.

These included 51 paintings, 51 three-dimensional paper mache works, six drawings, one scratch art and one pointillism. These NCHS and NCMS entries won 67 blue ribbons, 41 red and two white.