The success of Neshoba Central High School Band graduates is becoming something of common knowledge around local community colleges as 30 recent graduates are currently on band scholarships at schools across the South.

Of those 30, 18 attend East Central Community College, six at East Mississippi Community College, three at the University Southern Mississippi, and one at Itawamba and Hinds community colleges and West Alabama each. The total value of those scholarships combined is more than $100,000.

Band director Daniel Wade said the program is proud of each one of his graduates continuing at different schools and tries to keep in contact with as many as possible.

"It's very great that they go do that," he said.

"It really benefits them as musicians to continue playing and getting that practice, and it benefits them as it pays for their school."

With social media becoming more prevalent, Wade said it is easier to keep up with his recent graduates and their endeavors. Even so, many of them still stop by the high school when they get a chance.

"When they come by, we let them know we are proud of them and encourage them to do their best," Wade said.

Wade also said the next crop of seniors have a promising lead to follow in those recent graduates' footsteps. Neshoba Central has built up such a good report with ECCC, that nearly all seniors receive band scholarship offers upon graduation.

Of the 28 seniors currently on the band at Neshoba Central, Wade believes at least half of them will take band scholarships somewhere.