Assistant Philadelphia Police Chief Julian Greer is a 27-year veteran of the force the mayor says is a presumed candidate to replace Grant Myers who resigned last week to take a job in the District Attorney’s Office, but he doesn’t know what the board is thinking yet.              

Myers, who has served as police chief for nearly 5 ½ years, submitted his resignation last Tuesday during the regular meeting of the Mayor and Board of Alderman. 

Myers has accepted a position as investigator for the District Attorney’s office. He will remain with the Philadelphia Police Department until the end of the month.            

“I enjoyed my time here,” said Myers. “It was tough work. Fun at times, stressful at times. We had a lot of big cases come through in the last five years. The job took a lot of time. I was on call every day of it. But I enjoyed it.”

Myers has been in law enforcement for 19 years. Before coming to the police department, he worked as a deputy in the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department. He served under four different sheriffs.

In his new job, Myers will work with law enforcement agencies in Neshoba, Leake, Scott and Newton counties. “I will still be involved with the Philadelphia Police Department and several other agencies as well,” Myers said. “I look forward to it.”

Mayor James Young said he would discuss the position with the board of aldermen during their May 21 meeting.

“Don’t know what the board is thinking,” Young said. “Our assistant chief (Julian Greer) has been around 27 years. I am pretty sure he is a candidate. So I don’t know for sure which direction we are going.

“We will try to put that together at our next meeting, our plan going forward.  Sometimes it is less complicated going in-house, but I don’t know the wishes of the board at this time,” Young said.

“This person will have to be a leader. They will have to be tough to be able to make tough decisions. Whoever we find, we hope they will be able to keep the department at a high level in training, expectations and service to our community,” Young said.

In another matter, the mayor and board discussed the ongoing cleanup from the April 18 tornadoes.

“There are still some very big oak trees to be picked up that our equipment is just too small to handle,” Young said. “We are looking to work with the county, and maybe some contractors. We ask the public to be patient. I think within a week or so, we will be back to normal.”

In other matters, the board voted to:

• Approve the minutes from the last meeting and payment of the claims docket.

• Approve payment of Waggoner invoices totaling $18,405 for fencing, lighting and paving projects at the airport;

• Approve payment of $18,516 to Singleton Architects out of the USDA accounts for the renovation project at the old U.S. Motors Plant for the ECCC Diesel Mechanics classroom;

• Approve the transfer of $186,288 into the USDA account from the General Fund account, also concerning the East Central project; and,

• Discussed equipment needs with the Sanitation Department.