A mother and son have been charged with the aggravated assault of a man who was stabbed multiple times and run over with a truck at Coleman Street Apartments.

Tabitha Owens, 43, and Randell Owens, 21, both of 10240 Road 557, were charged with aggravated assault on Tyrone Groves, 30, of Philadelphia, Police Investigator Fredesz Moore said.

The altercation occurred at the apartment complex on Tuesday, Sept. 19 at 8:45 p.m., he said.

"What exactly happened is still under investigation," Moore said, "but Groves was stabbed several times with a kitchen knife and was run over by a Ford Ranger driven by Tabitha Owens."

The couple tried to leave but nearby bystanders prevented them from leaving the scene, Moore said.

The mother and son were detained by police and charged the next day.

"We're still investigating the cause," Moore said.

"It's still an open case."

Groves was taken to University Medical Center in Jackson and is listed in good condition, Moore said.