Connie Moore, left, met Phadra Pinckney last Thursday at a reception in Union.
Connie Moore, left, met Phadra Pinckney last Thursday at a reception in Union.
While Michael "Mike" Deangelo Moore's life ended tragically in Neshoba County on Jan. 24, 2011, due to a gunshot wound to the head, his story lives on thanks to his family's generous gift to four people through organ donation.

Last Thursday, Moore's mother, Connie Moore of Philadelphia, had an opportunity to meet the recipient of his pancreas and kidney.

A reception was held at Laird Hospital in Union so that the two families could meet for the first time.

Phadra Pinckney, of Jacksonville, Fla., had been on kidney dialysis for 13 months prior to receiving the phone call on Jan. 26, 2011, that a kidney and pancreas were on the way for her.

"Dialysis was a way of life for me," Pinckney said. "I knew I was on the organ donor list, but I didn't know when or if ever, I would get the call that a kidney and pancreas were available for me. I packed my bag and drove myself to the hospital. It was such an answer to prayer."

Connie Moore and Pinckney first communicated on Oct. 12, 2013. Since then, the two have talked through either texting, Facebook or by phone almost everyday.

"She is a member of our family now," said Moore, referring to Pinckney. "My son lives on through her."

Moore, a registered nurse at Laird Hospital, has always taken the opportunity to advocate for organ donation. Now, she is able to speak about its benefits first hand.

Even in the midst of unspeakable loss, Moore knew her son would have wanted his organs to be donated to possibly save others lives.

Besides the kidney and pancreas that Pinckney received, his lungs, heart and other kidney were donated to others.

Moore said she would continue to try and contact the other recipients of her son's organs.

"I want to hear my son's heart beat again," she said.

Michael Moore was only 23 when his life was taken in what authorities said was a domestic dispute.

He was a graduate of Philadelphia High School where classmates remembered him as always having a smile on his face. He had a special love for horses.

To become an organ donor or to find out more information about organ donation, visit or call 800-690-8878.