The GRWC-MFWC Philadelphia Woman's Club met at Ronnie's Steak and Grill at 11:30 a.m. on May 9. Hostesses for the meeting were Liz Goldman, Clara Reynolds, Madonna May, and Stacy Cook. (A few lucky members were excited to receive jars of preserves prepared by member Madonna May).

Jeanette Mars led the ladies in the Pledge of Allegiance with Rosanell Philips closing with a prayer of thanksgiving and asking God to bless all mothers this week.

Members present were June Anderson, Gail Coats, Stacy Cook, Ayla, Elizabeth Frohse, Liz Goldman, Virginia Kight, Jeannette Mars, Jean Marshall, Sarah McKay, Pat Mioton, Betty Mooney, Rosanell Phillips, Clara Reynolds, Phyllus Robinson, Sue Saxon, and Barbara Thaggard. Guest of Jean Marshall was her friendly sister-in-law Mary Marshall from Biloxi.

Also visiting was the GFWC-MFWC District II President, Ann McKee from Meridian.

After Betty Mooney presented the Ada Mooney Brag Box, more than a few members and guests had an opportunity to "brag for a dollar." (These monies go into the Scholarship Fund). District II President Ann McKee then presented a comical short skit entitled "Armadillo County Philadelphia Woman's Club" with the aide of Jeanete Mars, Gail Coats, Liz Goldman, and Clara Reynolds, and Jeanette McNeil.

Stacy Cook and Ayla were reported to have "stolen the show" at the State Convention in Jackson recently.

Stacy announced that $1,600 has been raised for the school that trains canines, like Ayla, that work with the mentally challenged as well as Senior Citizens at the Nursing Home here in Philadelphia. Ayla also participates in a library program call Reading With Ayla.

Reports included the recent annual presentations of the Frances Williams Scholarship to a deserving student from Philadelphia High School and one from Neshoba Central High School.

At the Philadelphia Awards Day, Liz Goldman presented the $500 scholarship to Philadelphia High School student Miss Rebecca Prince, who plans to attend Ole Miss in the fall. Gail Coats presented the other scholarship to Anna Lee Whitney plans to pursue a career in Physical Therapy.

The GFWC-MFWC District II President, Ann McKee installed the following officers for 2013-2014: President Pat Mioton, First Vice President Elizabeth Froshe, Second Vice President June Anderson, Recording Secretary Jean Marshall, Treasurer Jeanette McNeil, Corresponding Secretary Suanne Adams, Parliamentarian Barbara Thaggard, Report JoBeth McGilbra, Assistant Report Rosanell Phillips, and Historian Virginia Kight. President Mioton adjourned the meeting until September.