Reports of an open house at the proposed AlphaGen manufacturing facility in the former U. S. Motors building are unfounded, the Mayor said.

WTOK reported earlier that the open house would be on June 22, citing a press release from the company.

However, Mayor James A. Young said Tuesday that the AlphaGen has not set a date for an open house, though the city remains in communication with company officials.

They say they're still planning to locate here but the question is when, Young said.

"We don't know," he said. "We have got to make some determination within the next few weeks as we begin to market this city."

The mayor said that he along with the new Board of Aldermen is committed to marketing the city to other companies.

"It comes down to that company that is ready to make a move and then we decide about that location," Young said. "Right now we are on a holding pattern because they say they are still coming."

AlphaGen formally announced in December 2010 that it would open a plant in the former U. S. Motors building, bringing up to 200 new jobs to Philadelphia initially and more as it expanded in the future.

A manufacturer of Cerarmix polymer ceramic coatings for industrial applications, infrastructure repair and clean energy applications, AlphaGen said it would bring an initial investment of $10 million to the facility here.

The city-owned building was renovated to accommodate AlphaGen, through a $1 million Community Development Block Grant.