Polling about 51 percent of the vote, incumbent Democrat Mayor James A. Young was re-elected to a second term in Tuesday's general election.

In complete but uncertified returns, Young polled 1,312 votes to defeat Republican Roy White, who tallied 1,264 votes in the race for mayor.

In the alderman-at-large race, Republican Willie Jackson defeated Democrat Leroy Clemons 1,348 to 1,219 or 53 percent. Incumbent Janice Payne did not seek re-election.

The only other contested race on Tuesday's general election ballot was in Ward 1 where Republican Josh Gamblin defeated Democrat John Cooke, 498 to 144, to win the alderman seat with 77.5 percent of the vote.

City votes gave overwhelming support for the sale of alcoholic liquors in a special referendum on Tuesday's ballot. (See related story, page 1.)

Young could not be reached for comment.

Young won Ward 3 with 304-262 votes; Ward 4 with 641-49 votes.

White won Ward 1, 456-193 votes, and Ward 2, 497-174.

Jackson carried Ward 1, 500-148 votes, and Ward 2, 532-141 votes.

Clemons carried Ward 3, 283-278 votes, and Ward 4, 647-38 votes.

After the votes were tallied, Jackson said he was very excited about his win.

"Obviously there was a lot of interest in this election, not just mine," he said.

"I'd like to commend Mr. Clemons for running a very positive and clean campaign. I have some big shoes to fill for Mrs. Payne. She's really worked hard for this city. I want to thank my voters and supporters."

During his campaign, Young said operating with a continuing deficit was the single most important issue facing the city of Philadelphia.

He said his integrity and leadership experience qualified him for another term as mayor.

During the campaign, White said the single most important issue facing the city of Philadelphia was the creation of new jobs and the ability to strengthen the industry/business sector in order to expand the economic base and raise earnings.

In other uncontested alderman races on Tuesday, Republican Jim Fulton was elected in Ward 2; James Tatum in Ward 3 and incumbent Democrat Cecil Nichols in Ward 4.

The city has 4,865 registered votes: 1,282 in Ward 1; 1,184 in Ward 2; 1,142 in Ward 3 and 1,257 in Ward 4.

Officials from the Department of Justice were monitoring the election at each of the four precincts.