Philadelphia native Peggy Webb of Peggy's Restaurant fame will be honored on the Marty Stuart Show when the popular TV program comes to the historic Ellis Theater.

The show will tape its season five finale here on Friday, June 28.

The concert/taping is being hosted by the Philadelphia Neshoba County Arts Council and RFD-TV. 

Along with the concert at the Ellis Theater, film crews will be working around the city and county earlier in the week to capture local folks and local flavor.  

Mrs. Webb, along with the restaurant, Peggy's, is synonymous with Philadelphia.

Ms. Webb and her late husband Don established their business in 1961.

The quality of the food and the friendly atmosphere of Peggy's restaurant quickly brought the restaurant statewide fame before leaping into the national spotlight as well.

"Peggy Webb is a treasure," said Marty Stuart. "I'm so honored that she has agreed to come and be part of our Philadelphia show. She has fed generations of people and has done it with pure love and kindness. She and her family are the personification of the American dream. From farmers to world leaders, she's fed them all. But everyone's treated the same at Peggy's." 

Throughout the decades before it was called Southern cuisine or soul food or Dixie fried, Mrs. Webb quietly going about life working and cooking her "home" food for the good people of Mississippi, Stuart said.

For years she served it up for 90 cents a plate.

He described Mrs. Webb as a "true lady and a Southern institution; a trailblazer who helped feed her family with her gifts of cooking."

"At Peggy's, you never know who you'll be eating with because you sit where there's a seat available," he said.

She believed in people so much she let them make their own change out of the basket on the counter, he said.

The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV is sponsored by Mississippi's Tourism division, Neshoba County Tourism and the Pearl River Resort and Casino. The show has been the #1 rated program on RFD-TV's entire network for five consecutive seasons. The current season can be seen on RFD-TV owned Rural TV on Saturday nights and will repeat on cable's FamilyNet which enjoys an estimated viewership of ten million people per week.

Tickets for the Marty Stuart Show taping along with Connie Smith, the Fabulous Superlatives, Gary Carter, Leroy Troy, Eddie Stubbs and Mrs. Webb are $50 and can be purchased at The Depot, 256 W. Beacon St.

For more information call 601-656-1000 or toll free 877-752-264.