Philadelphia and Neshoba County got a little national exposure over the weekend as CBS Sunday Morning did a story on Marty Stuart and his plans to build a country music complex here next to the town square.

Stuart, a native of Philadelphia and a Country Music Hall of Famer, has been collecting memorabilia from the Country Music industry since the 1980s. He has accumulated a collection that has filled up three warehouses when it was in Nashville.

Stuart has announced plans to for the Congress of Country Music, a multi-use initiative here. He plans to display his collection, which was reported to be valued at $24 million, in a museum area.

Tim Moore, executive director of the Community Development Main Street, said he received a call last Thursday. CBS Sunday Morning had asked Stuart for two items from the collection for their set.

“They wanted some items from the collection,” Moore said. “Marty called and asked that we would ship them to New York.”

Stuart chose a shirt worn by Hank Williams and Johnny Cash’s first black suit,”

If you saw the story, the shirt and suit were shown by host Jane Pauley as she introduced the story.

“It turned out good,” Moore said. “The collection is already here in Philadelphia and we were able to get them.”

Stuart said during the story that he hoped to begin construction on the Congress of Country Music in 2021.

Meanwhile, Stuart and his fundraiser Carolyn Tate had their first meeting at Neshoba Central High School Tuesday to launch a student advisory council and Congress of Country Music programs in the Neshoba schools.