Willie Parker
Willie Parker
No one was injured during a shooting outside a convenience store on west Beacon Street last week, which was connected to another shooting in October, the authorities said.

It was the 16th shooting incident in the city since early summer and the second in a five-day period.

Willie Parker, 61, of 9165 Jenni Circle, Jonesboro, Ga., was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the attempted shooting of Chavis Davis, 19, of 327 Bay St., Police Investigator Fredesz Moore said.

The incident occurred outside the Quick Shop around 9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 27, Moore said.

Parker fired one shot at Davis who was uninjured, he said.

The incident stemmed from an Oct. 14 shooting where one of six bullets allegedly fired at Davis landed in a classroom at the Exhibit Hall Head Start Center on Carver Avenue, Moore said.

Wilshaun McAfee, 31, of 222 Martin Luther King Dr., was charged with aggravated assault on Davis and shooting into an occupied dwelling in connection with that incident.

Parker is McAfee's uncle, Moore said.

The police investigator would not comment about a possible motive for the two shootings, saying only that they were connected.

On the weekend prior to the Oct. 14 shooting, Wilshaun McAfee and Davis had exchanged words, Moore said.

The morning of that shooting, the two men confronted each other in separate vehicles and during a short pursuit Davis's vehicle was struck by two bullets, one in the back window and the other on the side, Moore said.

One bullet struck the Headstart Center.

Davis filed a report with the police department charging that Wilshaun McAfee fired the handgun, Moore said.

Prior to this incident, the latest shooting in the city occurred on Nov. 22 when Jimmy Thames, 24, of 408 Austin St., was struck twice in his left arm and once in his right collarbone after getting into an argument with another male, Moore said.

The other male, whose name was withheld, is being sought as a suspect in the case, Moore said.

Thames and the other male were standing in front of a residence on 614 Ivy St. when they got into an argument about 11:30 p.m., Moore said.

"The argument got heated and the suspect pulled a gun on Thames, firing three times," he said.

Of the 16 shooting incidents, 10 people have been charged including Parker.

• Anthony Seales, of South Lewis Avenue, Lot 39, was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the Nov. 10 shooting of Michael Griffin in the front yard of his home on 261 Davis St.

• Kelvin McDonald, 22, of 379 Loper St., was charged with manslaughter last week in connection with the Oct. 31 shooting death of Samuel Grady, 28, of 10520 Road 747, while in the parking lot of the Philadelphia Apartments off Pearl Avenue behind Burger King.

McDonald was also charged with shooting into a house on Adams Street on Sept. 26.

• Marquai Kirkland, 22, of 424 Evergreen St., was charged with the attempted murder of Robert Yarbrough, 37, of 256 Adams St. on Sept. 20.

• Joshua Henley, 23, of 10792 Road 410, was charged with aggravated assault in a Columbus Avenue shooting which occurred near the Woodland Hills Drive intersection on Aug. 7.

• Sutanga Cypress, 31, of 461 Myrtle St., was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the July 8 shooting of Clara Triplett at the east Myrtle home he shared with friend.

• Elijah Foster, 19, of 1510 Garland Ave., Detroit, Mich., was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and Ken Thomas, 21, of 250 Adams St., was charged with simple assault and possession of a stolen firearm, in connection with a June 30 shooting outside a popular nightspot on Atkins Street.

• Randy Moncrief, 32, of 723 Fox Ave., was charged with aggravated assault in connection with the shooting of David McCarty and Mason Lewis outside a residence on east Myrtle Street on June 16.

Each of the cases has been turned over to the District Attorney's office.