The body of a missing Philadelphia man who fled Leake County deputies near Four Corners on a bitterly cold night last month was spotted Friday from the air in a slough not far from where he was last seen after Philadelphia Police became involved in the search.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death of the man, Cortez Aliandiae Coburn, 28, of 28 Central Ave., whose body was found about a quarter mile off Mars Hills Road, Leake County Sheriff Greg Waggoner said.

His body was found with the help of a National Guard helicopter.

"Beavers had cut down a lot of bushes and there was just a little pool of water there," Waggoner said.

Coburn was last seen on Jan. 29 when he fled Leake Sheriff's deputies. The low that night was 9 degrees.

His family reported him missing to the Philadelphia Police Department on Feb. 1.

Chief of Police Grant Myers said the family indicated that their last known contact with Coburn was on Jan. 28.

Police investigators contacted Coburn's place of employment and his neighbors and worked several leads into his possible whereabouts. The sheriff's department also assisted in following up on leads in Neshoba County, he said.

Myers said some of the leads eventually led to the names of some people in Leake County who might know his whereabouts.

Philadelphia police investigators contacted Leake authorities on Monday, Feb. 3 and learned that Leake deputies had made contact with Coburn earlier.

"We found no merit to the information we received about his whereabouts in Leake," Myers said. "Several of the leads proved to be false."

At that time, Philadelphia Police Department and Leake Sheriff's office called in the state Bureau of Investigation because of multi-jurisdictional issues.

Waggoner requested the Highway Patrol's helicopter to aid in the search but said it wasn't available for various reasons.

"We called in the National Guard and they responded to us with a helicopter," he said.

Warren Strain, spokesperson for the MBI, said his agency's helicopter was out of service for routine maintenance.

"They got a National Guard helicopter which spotted him from the air and then notified the authorities," Strain said.

Authorities are awaiting autopsy and toxicology reports to determine the cause of death.

"It is still under investigation," Strain said.

Coburn was parked on Mars Hill Road at Eagle Park in a gold Chevrolet Caprice on Jan. 29 when he told authorities he ran out of gas. A Leake deputy smelled an odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle and began questioning Coburn, the incident report said.

He told the deputy there was a can of beer in the vehicle and a pistol that was not loaded and had no magazine in the glove compartment.

The deputy then patted down Coburn for weapons and found a marijuana grinder in the right rear pocket of his coveralls, the incident report said.

The deputy also found a partial marijuana cigarette on the driver's side floor board of the vehicle. A .25 caliber pistol was also found.

Authorities conducted a routine records check and found outstanding misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.

When the deputies asked Coburn about the warrants, he fled into the woods.

Two deputies gave chase but did not catch Coburn, the incident report said. After the brief chase, one circled back to the patrol vehicles and called for a wrecker to tow his vehicle.

Affidavits were filed against Coburn charging him with resisting arrest, possession of beer and possession of paraphernalia.