Law enforcement authorities are investigating the mysterious death of a man Wednesday at Neshoba General after he was released from a state correctional facility earlier that morning.

James Brian Buckley, 43, died at Neshoba General after being dropped off by a friend, Neshoba County Sheriff Eric Clark said.

According to Clark, another man who identified himself to investigators as a friend of Buckley’s dropped him off at the entrance of the emergency room, where hospital personnel pulled Buckley out of the car and attempted life-saving procedures.

The friend, who Clark declined to identify, remained on site, but was not allowed into the emergency room due to COVID-19 procedures. He was released after being questioned.

Clark said Buckley’s mother picked him up from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Brandon earlier Wednesday morning. After returning home, Clark says, Buckley went to visit the friend, who lives on Knight Street in Philadelphia.

The unidentified friend told Clark that Buckley complained that he did not feel well, and decided to lie down. He was rushed to the hospital when he was found to be unresponsive.

The Neshoba County Sheriff’s Department received a call from the hospital at 3:30 p.m.

Clark said that Buckley showed no visible signs of a cause of death and that he was checked out by Coroner John Stephens. Buckley will undergo an autopsy.

Clark said that the case remains under investigation, though further information is contingent on information form the state crime lab.

“Everyone involved has been interviewed and will continue to be interviewed as this moves forward,” Clark said. “We want to make sure that the public are well informed and confident in what we are doing on this or any other matter.”

Clark encouraged anyone with knowledge of this case, other cases or potential crimes to call the Sheriff’s office or the Philadelphia Police Department.