Driving into below Tucker later this summer, it may appear that the long-awaited four-lane project has gotten under way.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation will be replacing five bridges, just south of Tucker. The plan is to use land that has been acquired for the four-lane project. 

The new bridges will be put in and will be connected by permanent road. It will be about a mile and a half long. When that is complete, traffic will be permanently diverted to that section of road. The old bridges will be torn out.


“We are using the right-of-way we have purchased,” said MDOT district engineer Neil Patterson. “Then we won’t have to come back later and tear out a detour ramp. We are making good use of our money.”

Eventually, the new road and bridges will become part of the new four-lane. But Patterson emphasized this is a bridge replacement project.

Joe McGee Construction out of Lake is the prime contractor for the project. The cost of the federally-funded project is $11,715,141.

The contract goes into effect April 13 and it is expected the project will be completed by the fall of 2021.