A three-year-old girl was rescued by firefighters early Monday morning after a tree fell on top of her grandmother's mobile home, trapping the youngster on a bed while the county was under a tornado warning, the authorities said.

No serious injuries were reported.

Philadelphia Fire Department and Hope Volunteer Fire Department responded to a call about 2:18 a.m. that a three-year-old child was trapped under a tree in a mobile home on Road 404 in the Hope community.

April Abbelgadir, the child's aunt, said she had just pulled up to her mother's home when her uncle came running out of the mobile home telling her to call 911.

"He told us that she was in the middle of my mother's bed trapped with a tree on top of her," Abbelgadir said.

She called the authorities for help.

"While we were waiting for the fire department to come, she was saying, 'Help me grandma. You can help me,'" Abbelgadir said.

Philadelphia Battalion Fire Chief Michael Evans said the fire departments arrived on the scene shortly after and used airbags to lift the tree and part of the roof off the child and the bed.

"They took her to the hospital and she was examined," Abbelgadir said. "She only had some scratches and minor injuries.

"I want to thank the rescue teams and fire departments for helping her. I don't know what we would've done without them."

Evans said the fire department returned to the city and cleared several trees that were blown down.

A tornado warning was issued at about 1:45 a.m. Monday morning for Neshoba County.

Emergency Management Director Jeff Mayo said no tornado reportedly touched down in the county though multiple trees were blown down. The western side of the county sustained the worst damage.

WHOC, an official weather recording agency for the National Weather Service, said the county received 0.023 of an inch of rainfall on Monday.