A Starbucks kiosk may be coming to the Philadelphia-Neshoba County Public Library along with a series of other improvements, it was announced this week.


Jacob Starks said Tuesday that pending the proper approvals to be secured by next Tuesday he will announce a plan to secure a Starbucks Kiosk for library patrons to purchase individual hot and cold drinks.


“I put a post out on my personal (Facebook) page to gauge interest and we have really been impressed by the response it has received,” Starks said. “Nothing is official until Tuesday of next week but we hope to announce that we have developed a plan to get a coffee kiosk and have it fully implemented by this summer.”


Starks said what the machine will do is still part of what he is getting approved but he is looking at two separate machines, one that will serve one cup of hot or iced coffee at a time including chai lattes and other signature beverages as well as a machine that will make espresso and other specialty coffees.

“What we are looking at is something that is fairly simple for our patrons to operate but will be able to make a variety of fairly complex drinks,” Starks said.


He said they would have trained staff to help customers operate the machine.


Starks said this is something he has had his eye on for the past four years. He said Starbucks had not shown interest in such a small market until a recent partnership with Nestle “opened them up.”

He said that this machine would add atmosphere to the library, bring in revenue and extend operating hours.


“I think it is an important component of the essential library experience that we have tried to implement in the past but have been missing,” Starks said. “We want to have everything you need to come and read for three hours.”


Stark said he hoped this would increase participation in the library.


He said other forthcoming improvements include software updates at the circulation desk and some plants brought in to create physical and sound barriers.


“We are always looking for ways to improve the library experience for our patrons. We think these improvements are a thing you could expect from a big metropolitan area library and we are doing them right here in town,” Starks said.