A Philadelphia man was found not guilty of attempted murder last week after the defense rested its case without calling a single witness, saying in closing arguments that it was simply a case of bullying and self defense.

Qwuntorez Kirkland, 20, of 914 Donald Ave. was found not guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of Jimmy Thames, 26, of 408 Austin St.

Thames testified that Kirkland shot him three times outside a residence on Ivy Street after they got into a "heated argument" about a dog.

He told the court that there were several others at the house at the time of the shooting.

"Me and Qwuntorez were arguing about a dog and there was some pushing and shoving and then shots were fired," Thames said. "He shot it five times and hit me three times."

Thames said Kirkland ran with the gun after he was shot.

He told the court that he was taken to the county hospital in a private vehicle.

Upon cross examination, Defense Attorney Chris Collins questioned Thames about his weight and about playing high school football.

Thames told the court that he weighed between 170 and 180 and played linebacker for Philadelphia High School when he was a student there.

He denied calling Kirkland names and using profanity on the night he was shot.

Collins asked Thames would he object to the fact that Kirkland weighs only 110 pounds and is much smaller than it.

"Do you think he could play linebacker at PHS?" Collins asked.

Thames responded: "No."

During cross examination, Thames also denied that he tackled Kirkland to the ground during the argument.

Jeremick Roberts, who was at the house when the shooting occurred, told the court that Thames and Kirkland got into an argument over a dog and that Thames picked him up and slammed him against a riding lawnmower in the carport of the house.

"They were tussling and within a few seconds I heard three or four shots," Roberts said. "I was at the end of the driveway and I ran down and took him to the hospital."

A Philadelphia police officer testified that no weapon was found in connection with the shooting.