A man who escaped from the Neshoba County jail one night last week turned himself in to authorities two days later, the sheriff said.

Dexter McGee, 24, turned himself in at 10 a.m. Thursday at the county jail, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

McGee was being held on a Drug Court violation when he escaped.

"He contacted me by text last [Wednesday] night and we texted back and forth throughout the night," Waddell said. "He wanted to surrender so we arranged to meet."

McGee arrived in the jail parking lot at 10 a.m.

"He said he made a mistake," the sheriff said, noting that McGee was not charged with escaping from jail.

"I gave him my word I wouldn't charge him if he turned himself in," Waddell said. "He is already serving a lot of time and that wouldn't have added much more to it."

McGee escaped from the jail before midnight by going through a hole in the fence where some construction had been going on, Waddell said.

He was part of the work program and was housed in an area called "The Grounds" which is used for nonviolent offenders, i.e. those with Drug Court violations, paying off old fines, etc.

The sheriff noted that those housed on "The Grounds" are not under 23-hour lockdown like normal inmates.