Neshoba County will have to absorb an $80,000 hike in health insurance premiums, supervisors learned last week.

The 10-percent rate increase is projected for the new year as the Board of Supervisors works to compile a fiscal 2014 budget.

The increase would go into effect on Oct. 1 if Neshoba County renewed its current health insurance coverage, Allen Hardy, an agent with Philadelphia Security Insurance, told supervisors.

"Group health insurance is a mess," he said.

Supervisors have until Sept. 15 to formally adopt a fiscal 2014 budget.

Anticipated revenue for the county's general fund for fiscal 2014 is $6.1 million.

Supervisors have received budget requests from the various departments, including, sheriff, jail, chancery and circuit courts, among many others, totaling nearly $6.7 million.

Many of the department heads are seeking salary increases for their employees, ranging from 50 cents to $1 an hour.

Jail Administrator Jimmy Reid told supervisors on Monday that jailers and deputies had not had a raise in several years. He requested their salaries be increased by $1 an hour.

The jail is seeking an addition $96,600 for fiscal 2014.

The Sheriff's office is asking supervisors for an additional $189,307 in the new year.

Reid told supervisors that the sheriff wants to change a part-time deputy position to full time.

Hardy also told supervisors that under the Affordable Health Care Act, additional increases could be incurred in health insurance coverage for employees.

"The only thing firm now is the rate increase," he said.

In conjunction with the Health Care Act, insurance companies will be redefining full and part time employment, Hardy said.

"Now, 30 hours and more are considered full time," he said, noting that those employees would qualify for health insurance with the county.