Complaints of reports from several county jail inmates consumed nearly an hour and a half of discussion by the Board of Supervisors in executive session on Monday during a regular meeting.

Supervisors emerged from the executive session to say they’d hired County Attorney Wade White and directed him to investigate the cases.

According to White, some of the issues include:

• A claim by Ambrose Young alleging that his hand was broken when he was being transported to the jail.

• A claim by Chad Brackin, who asserts he was abused by jail staff.

• Kevin Eakes, who allegedly got into a fight with another inmate and asserts he should have been transported to the hospital.

• Lee Parkerson, who made a claim regarding his broken prosthetic leg.

Unrelated to the inmate claims, the supervisors also approved several changes to jail staff.

R.B. Spivey resigned his post effective April 27 and the supervisors voted to approve the termination of Dorian Woods also effective April 27. They also approved the hiring of Jasper Savell, Brian Hyatt and Jeremy Eades, effective May 2 at $8.50 per hour.

In another matter during the meeting, the supervisors $5,500 bid upgrading the records management system in the Chancery Clerk’s Office.

According to County Manager Jeff Mayo, the work would included merely upgrading the system and would not include either the server or individual workstations.

Mayo said that the county would also need a new server in the server room and that he had obtained two quotes, one from Hewlitt Packard in the amount of approximately $11,000 and the other from Dell at around $6,000. He noted the office would also need four new small workstations and that the cost for those would run another $6,000.

In other action:

• Discussed implementation of a new time and attendance system. They spent a significant amount of time discussing whether to go to direct deposit with the focus of the discussion being on whether to make direct deposit mandatory or allow employees to opt in. No action was taken on the matter as the supervisors wanted to get employee input before making a decision.

• Approved funding the Soil and Water Conservation District $2,000 for the district’s beaver control program.

• Approved the hiring of Mason Duran effective May 8 at $8.50 to work at the Coliseum. Mayo said Duran would be used in other departments as well.