Individuals claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service continue to be a problem, according to the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office.

A victim off of Road 3403 was contacted by someone claiming to be with the IRS on Friday. The person asked her to get an iTunes gift card for $100 and another gift card for $1,000 and then take a picture of the cards and send the information to a phone number the caller identified as being affiliated with the IRS.

Sheriff Tommy Waddell had previously told The Neshoba Democrat that several different scams involving people claiming to be affiliated with the IRS are being perpetrated in Neshoba County. He has asked that citizens not give out any personal information or send money to the scammers.

In other cases:

• A theft was reported Thursday on Road 1353. An air compressor and tools were taken off the porch of a residence.

• A theft was reported Sunday at The Pow Wow on Highway 16 west. An unidentified subject stole some bags of ice out of the ice machine.

• Vandalism was reported at a vacant house on Thursday. Someone reportedly shot through a window. There are no suspects at this time.

• A burglary of a camp house that occurred on Aug. 8 was reported Monday. Someone reportedly broke into the camp house and stole numerous guns.