A Neshoba County grand jury returned 52 indictments during its January term, including one in connection with an alleged counterfeit money ring broken up by officers of the sheriff's department in September.

Timothy Scott Field, 26, of 2035 Highway 48, Carthage, was indicted for possession of a counterfeit instrument and for uttering forgery.

Field and two others were arrested in September and charged in connection with the counterfeit ring after officers seized more than $1,200 along with a printer believed used to print the money.

An attempt was made to pass some of the counterfeit bills at the Pow Wow on Highway 16 west. Later that day, Field was arrested at Hope Grocery on Mississippi 488 where he attempted to pass the counterfeit money.

The grand jury considered 61 cases during its January term, examining 120 witnesses. The jury handed down five no-bills. Three cases were remanded to Justice or Municipal courts for further proceedings. One case was continued for further investigation.

Many of the indictments were for drug-related cases.

Indictments processed at press time included:

• Jaron Matthew Branning, 25, of 1066 Frog Level Lane Apt B20, grand larceny.

• Nicholas L. Catchings, 26, of Lowes Trailer Park, strong arm robbery and two counts burglary of a motor vehicle. Catchings was indicted as a habitual offender.

• Troy James Eunice, 39, of 106 Mr. Mac's Court, Houma, La., possession of methamphetamine.

• Johnny Roy Harrison, 52, of 832 west Stallo Wood Yard, three counts of business burglary.

• Joey Defay Morgan and Thomas G. Sistrunk, 26, of 10120 Road 571, burglary of a dwelling house.

• Jeffrail Dwan Carothers, 22, of 264 Fox Ave., burglary of a dwelling.

• Janatha Hickman Jr., possession of more than 250 grams of marijuana.

• Dustin Trent Malone, 27, of 10401 Road 1339, three indictments, burglary of a dwelling house; grand larceny and burglary of a dwelling house and taking away a motor vehicle.

• James N. Peebles Jr., 27, of 10716 Road 616, sale of cocaine. He was indicted as a second drug offender.

• Joseph Odell Rowell, 36, of 922 Dub Smith Road, DeKalb, grand larceny. He was indicted as a habitual offender.

• Jason Daniel Stevens, 30, of 1011 Road 1315, Douglas Brad Edwards, 33, of 10230 Road 428, Union, and William Ray Jones, 46, of 10920 Road 387, attempted grand larceny. Stevens was indicted as a habitual offender.

• Christopher Lee Yates, 33, of 10701 Road 4306, Union, fraudulent sale of scrap.

• Miranda S. Coleman, 22, of 1011 Road 2638, four counts of uttering forgery.

• Hester Dixon, grand larceny.

• Christopher Joe Clark, 31, of 11321 Mississippi 485, possession of methamphetamine.

• Hunter Triphers Piatt, 21, of 10970 Highway 16 east, possession of more than 250 grams but less than 500 grams of marijuana while in possession of a firearm.

• John K. Buck Jr., 26, of 266 Richoc Dr., Franklin, La., two counts assault on a law officer.

• Christopher T. Boler, 29, of 317 Pearl St., shoplifting, third or subsequent offense.

• Karen Boler, 37, of 123 Highway 393, Louisville, credit card fraud.

• Scott Eugene Boyd, 34, of 551 Lakewood View Dr., Muscle Shoals, Ala., and Jeannie Dee Boyd, 32, of 551 Lakewood View Road, Muscle Shoals, Ala., unauthorized use of rented property.

• Andrew Hickman, 32, of 260 Carver Ave., possession of more than 250 grams of marijuana and fleeing a law officer in a motor vehicle.

• Terry Dewayne Hoskins, 46, of 236A Railroad Ave., gratification of lust.

• William Leach, 50, of 393 Jericho St., gratification of lust.

• Christina Martin, 36, of 564 Dabbs Road, Proctor, Ark., embezzlement.

• Kendrell Shintay Peden, 26, of 399 Clyde Ave., sale of cocaine.

• Michael Dewayne Reid and Christopher L. Hacker, 20, of 239 Burker Road, Forest, grand larceny.

• Johnathan P. Stephens, two indictments for sale of methamphetamine.

• Stanley Ross Strickland, 38, of 10631 Road 339, Union, two counts statutory rape.

• George Terry Townsend, 52, of 10051 Road 1145, also know as Terry Wade Townsend, two indictments for sale of methamphetamine. He was also indicted as a second drug offender.

• Mark H. Young, 43, of 246 Rea St., two counts uttering forgery.

• Molly M. Brown, 30, of 330 Oswald Road, sale of hydrocodone and acetaminophen.

• Sera E. Johnson, 29, of 1700 Pendleton Square, food stamp fraud.

• Dawlton W. Key, 898 Yarbrough Carter Road, Louisville, burglary of a motor vehicle.

• Randy Moncreiase, also known as Randy Moncriese and Randy Moncrief, 32, of 10351 Road 610, sale of less than 30 grams of marijuana. He was indicted as a second drug offender and as a habitual offender.0

• Chynna Alece Nunnally, 19, of 103 Evergreen St., Port Gipson, three counts of uttering forgery.

• Joshua A. Fulton, 33, of 10043 Road 2434, burglary of a dwelling.

• Jodie Elizabeth Ferguson, 19, of 105 St. Francis Dr., Apt. 13, burglary of a cabin.

• David Thomas Mosley Davidson, 23, of 365 North 5th Ave., Decatur, embezzlement.

• Wesley David Enfinger, 53, of 27621 Sunridge Road, Loxley, Ala., three counts of sexual battery.