Ray Crocker, vice chairman of the committee to replace the Fallen Veterans memorial, stands at the site where it will be constructed.
Ray Crocker, vice chairman of the committee to replace the Fallen Veterans memorial, stands at the site where it will be constructed.
Progress continues to be made for the construction of the new Fallen Veterans Monument which organizers hope will be ready by Memorial Day.

Site work has been done by city crews this week at Dewitt DeWeese Park. The old 20-foot monument, which was broken and knocked down by a falling tree during the April 18 tornado, has been removed and other cleanup work has been done.

Ray Crocker, spokesman of the Fallen Veterans Monument Replacement committee, said he is following up on the contacts that made late last year.

“We have a lot of irons in the fire,” Crocker said. “We have asked our government leaders if they would look and see if there is any extra money they might find to help with the project. We’ll be asking if they have found any.”

The cost of the monument is expected to be around $100,000. The committee is hoping to raise a large portion of that through memorial brick sales and the sale of memorial benches.

Crocker said the committee will need around $45,000 in hand to put the order in for the monument at the end of February.

“We have about half of that,” Crocker said. “We are making calls and I think we’ll have that amount.”

The committee is also seeking help from the community concerning the accuracy of the list of fallen veterans.

For a name to be listed on the monument, the service member must have been living in Neshoba County when they entered the service and they must have been killed in action or are listed as missing in action as a result of combat.

The names listed below are ones that were engraved on the Fallen Veterans Monument.  For corrections or additions of names or for any additional information please email monument.replacement@gmail.com or call Ray Crocker at 601-663-6674.


World War One

Newton Cannon

Benjamin F. Cheatham

Clifton Cox

Louis Ingram

George W. Johnson

Tommie T. Luke

James M. Manning

Everett Nance

Marvin Peebles

Glover Willis Pilgrim

Irvin M. Robinson

George Smith

Roger Grayson Williams

Lonnie L. Wilson


World War Two

Samuel R. Adcock

Arlie A. Agent

Clyde Edwin Agent

J.D. Alexander

Benjamin Barnett

Francis M. Bates

Carson W. Bounds

Albert Brantley

Lavon Breland

Cecil Brewer

Lionel Brown

Willis L. Cannon

William F. Chisolm

John D. Coghlan

Hairston Cumberland

Jessie M. Dearing

Willis R. Dewease

Foster Fairchild

Nathan Earl Farrow

Jonnie Fulton

R.G. Gage

Dorris Gwin Garrison

Olouise Gunter

Henry Maurice Haney

Grover Cecil Hanson

Laman Harrison

William D. Hartsfield

Other L. Henderson

Leon Higginbotham

Bryant J. Hill

Harold H. Howell

John D. Issac         

Wilson Issac          

Emitt Jackson       

Rodger E. Johnson

Roy Elgin Jones

Louie L. Kilgore

R.T. Kirby

Dan Lockley

Carlie C. Majure

Earlie I. Manning

Raymond Martin

Clanton G Matthews

William L. McKee

Gipson T McMillian    

Hughie F. McNeese

Clifton Spencer Miley

William Earl Milling

Victor M. Moore

Jessie W. Morrow

J.C. Nicholson

Dexter Doyle Nowell

Wilbur Keith Parker

O.L. Partridge

James Peebles

Irby Pinter

Elvie Pinter

Claude Pollock

Walter Rhodes

Edwin E. Ross

Jack Ross

Carl Spivey

James Earl Thomas

Rufus Tubby        

Coleman Yates Warren

Cecil Watkins

Willie J. Watson

Jerry Lee Weir

James, H. White

Purvis L. Wilkerson

Wilbon Adam Williamson

Pruitt Wilson

Kermit Winstead


Korea War

John H. Backstrom (MIA)

Rupert C. Barber

Rush W. Barrett

Darwin E. Boler

James G. Cates

Lamar Kirby

Frankie L. Maxey

Elton L. May

Robert L. Withers


Vietnam War

Arnold Wayne Luke

Miles Clayton Savell

Derrell K. Sharp

Tom Kermit Tingle



Joshua Ladd

Matthew Stovall