The GFWC-MFWC Philadelphia Woman's Club began 2014 with the January meeting held at Ronnie's Steak and Grill.

Pat Mioton welcomed members and called the meeting to order. The hostesses were Stacy Cook, Madonna May, and Rosanell Phillips. Residents of the Neshoba County Nursing Home provided the attractive handmade center pieces for each table.

After the pledge, Rosanell Phillips shared a Karen Moore inspiration stating that "all that is good, all that is true, and all that is beautiful comes from God."

Members attending this first meeting of the year were June Anderson, Joan Copeland, Stacy Cook, Ayla, Elizabeth Froshse, Madonna May, Pat Mioton, Rosanell Phillips, Clara Reynolds, Phyllus Robinson, Sue Saxon, Barbara Thaggard, and Suanne Williamson.

Late news! At the December meeting, the club announced that Rosanell Phillips had been selected the 2013 Club

Woman of the Year. "This is a wonderful surprise and a great honor. Thanks you for selecting me," responded Rosanell tearfully.

Members were delighted to view fellow member Elizabeth Froshe's display of painted ceramics, painted pictures, and many handmade treasures. There were flower pots, scarves, quilts, etc. Elizabeth, also, shared with everyone her mom's philosophy concerning work--"an idle mind is the Devil's workshop." She instilled this work ethic in her daughter, Elizabeth, who can tolerate no idleness. Elizabeth is painting, knitting, or otherwise participating in some activity most of the time. She has become a very positive asset to the Woman's Club, holding offices and volunteering whenever and wherever the need arises. Everyone enjoyed her presentation.

Members had been encouraged to bring things they had made this past year. Canned good, crafts, photos, etc. were also on display. Home canned fig preserves and pear preserves made and contributed by Rosanell Phillips were used as door prizes. The lucky winners were Elizabeth Froshe and Sue Saxon.

Members continue to collect "tabs" from aluminum cans to be donated to the Blair Batson Hospital for Children. Grocery stamps from Vowell's County Market and Vowell's Marketplace are being collected from members by Madonna May.

The money received in excange for the stamps will be deposited in the Francis Williams Scholarship Fund. This fund provides worthy students with a $500.00 Scholarship.

Students from local schools have an opportunity to apply in the spring. Jean Marshall continues to encourage members to collect pots of all shapes and sizes to be donated and used in the "Pass Along Garden" at the Neshsoba County Nursing Home.

Pat Mioton adjourned the meeting until Feb. 13. Happy Valentine's Day!