Four people have been charged with livestock theft following an investigation by the Neshoba County Sheriff's Department.

Lonnie Moore, 49, of 10391 Road 367; McConner Connie Sanders, 78, of 13261 Road 404; Jannie Moore, 51, of 10391 Road 367; and Derrick Gennie Carter, 35, of 10541 Road 367, were each charged with two counts of livestock theft, Sheriff Tommy Waddell said.

Lonnie Moore and Sanders, Waddell said, were working at a cattle farm on Mississippi 488 and were in the process of gathering cattle to send to market on Oct. 8.

"Two extra head of cattle were loaded and taken with the others to the East Mississippi Cattle Barn on Pecan Avenue," he said.

"They [the two extra cows] were tagged in someone else's name," Waddell said, noting that Moore's wife Jannie and Carter were the names given. The cows were sold for a total of $1,662 and the two later arrived to receive payment, he said.

"The owner reported the cows missing the same day and the next day the four were arrested,"Waddell said.

"The records showed that two cows were sold by the workers under two other people's names.

"It was pretty easy to figure out," Waddell said.