Ecclesiastes Chapter 5-Verse 1: Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God, and be more ready to hear than to give the sacrifice of fools; For they consider not that they do evil.

Pray for the Glenn Sullivan family in Alabama. His wife passed away this weekend.

Also pray for all the ones who lost family members here in our area.

Continue to pray for Bro. Lamar Day, James Cumberland and Darnell Cumberland. They are better but still need your prayers.

Bobby Nell Thrash has been sick in the hospital at Jackson, but we hear she is better and at home.

Sister Rachel Wilson has been up here working on her house for over a week but she will be going to Alabama for the funeral of Bro. Glenn's wife.

We hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day this past week.

We heard from our grandkids at Hattiesburg and Pascagoula this week. They are fine. Lilly is walking and talking now.

Our grandson Scott in Memphis is going to be in the Iron Man Competition in Tampa, Fla. next week. We hope he wins but if not we still support his cause. That's what grandparents do.

The Good News Singers will be going to sing at Louisville Nursing Home Feb. 22. Be in prayer for this.

A special hello to all people who live out in the Fork community and God bless you.

Watch out for the log trucks on Fork Road.

This warm weather is feeling good. We just need more of it.I feel sorry for all the ones affected by all the winter storms.

Attend the house of worship and have a good week. Remember God loves you.