Happy Valentine's Day this week.

It seems we get icy weather almost every week but at least we don't have all the snow like the northern states.

My brothers get to go home this week but they will continue to need prayer for awhile. They both had surgery for cancer.

Pray for Junior Savell and their family this week.

Pray for Chris Burns and Bro. Day as he recovers from his surgery.

Pray for the Duncan family and also the Frances Molpus family.

There are several special unspoken prayer requests this week.

Pray for all the patients taking cancer treatments.

Pray for all the churches and their pastors.

T.J. Coats came by to visit us the other day. He said he was doing good. He said that people had reached out to him since his house burned.

Ashton called from Pascagoula. He misses Merkell and me. Maybe he can come and visit during spring break.

A special hello to everyone out in the Fork community. May you all have a great week.

Matthew 24 verse 42: Watch therefore for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Please continue to pray for me. I'm doing better but it's a slow process getting over a heart attack.

I just thank God for another chance. If you think you may have trouble with your heart please get checked out.

Thanks to the radio station for all they do to keep people informed about all things happening in Philadelphia.

Also The Neshoba Democrat. Keep everyone informed about our area.

Check on the shut ins during these winter days to make sure they have enough heat.

Have a good week and God bless you and attend a worship service when you can.