We want to thank everyone for the help, food, phone calls and most of all the prayers lifted up for us. I suffered a heart attack in November, but I am doing better. Please continue to pray for me.

There is a lot of sickness in our area. Let us just lift everyone up to the Lord.

My brother, Darnell, has cancer and will begin treatments this coming week.

We were glad to hear yesterday that Mrs. Gertrude Shoemaker is better. She is a precious lady, and we love her dearly.

Ben Chisolm had a birthday Jan. 10. Grayson Jenkins will have a birthday Jan. 24 and Lilianna Coats will be one year old Jan. 23. Happy birthday to all born in January.

Rachel Wilson and Ann Wedgeworth came and visited me and Merkell Friday. Sister Wilson was up here doing some business, so she didn't stay long. She was doing good.

We had to quit going to sing at the nursing homes for right now, but we hope to get better so we can continue again soon.

My daughter, Valeria, came and spent the night with us this past week.

She lives in Memphis.

Jessie Thrash called and said his wife, Bobby Nell, was doing better. She had some blood clots.

We listened to Bro. Lamar Day on the radio Sunday morning. We enjoyed his message. Thank God for the ministers that give of their time freely to teach people about the Lord and the need to be saved.

We hope you are having a great new year and thanks for reading the paper.

May God bless you as you go on your way this week.

We all have so very much to thank God for. We hope everyone out in the Fork community is doing well. Pray for Bro. Brown Barrier's family.