This cooler weather is nice isn't it? This is my favorite time of the year with all the beautiful leaves falling.

We hope you are having a good week and you are being blessed.

Thank God no one was injured in the shooting at the Head Start center yesterday.

We just have to pray a hedge around these children; our little great-granddaughter goes there.

Several unspoken prayer requests this week for a number of people.

Pray for Diane Clark, she broke her foot.

Pray for the Austin family this week.

We all need to pray for our nation's leaders.

Pray for all the preachers as they give their message to the people.

The times may seem hard right now but with the love of God there is always hope.

Pray for all the vets and soldiers that are serving our country.

Pray for all the sick in our area that they will recover soon.

Pray for Katheryn Dunn in Hilltop Manor. We wish her a special day.

Pray for Helen Rich as she wasn't feeling well on Monday.

Thanks for all the prayers lifted up for me and Merkell, we are better.

Bro. Lamar Day preached a good message on Sunday morning.

Thank him for his effort to reach all the shut-ins in our area that can't go to church.

The true gospel never goes void - there is always a heart that it touches.

Remember Octoberfest is this weekend up town so go and support this event.

­May God bless you. Attend the church of your choice.