We hope everyone is having a good week and being blessed. Little Taylor James is home and doing so much better.

Thanks for the prayers lifted up for him.

Pray for all the churches in our area.

We heard this week Maggie Burton and also Jean Martin need prayers for their bodies.

Pray for all the cancer patients in our area taking treatments. Pray for Jane Glass in Flora as she had back surgery recently.

Pray for John Frasier and continue to pray for Jada Noel and Courtney that they will continue to improve.

Merkell is better and got a good report on Thursday. Lamar Clark is doing better also.

We had two very good programs at JG and Hilltop last Wednesday.

We will be singing at Atwood and Choctaw Residential Center on Oct. 14.

Our daughter Valeria is visiting for a few days with us.

Our little great-granddaughter, Keaton Jenkins, won first place in a K-run in her age group.

Congratulation to all the runners.

Larry and Brenda Ladd had their children visit them this past weekend.

We also talked to Jimmy and Marie Glass, both are doing better with their colds.

We saw John Jr. Benson last Wednesday, he is doing pretty good and said he really enjoyed our singing.

Have a good week and attend the church of your choice.

Pray for others this week.

Psalm 41:1: Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in tine of trouble.