Luke 9:23: "And He said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."

Let us pray for all the sick in our area, our country, our soldiers and all the ones who lost loved ones this week. Pray for Carol Alexander.

Thanks for the prayers lifted up for Merkell and also Lamar Clark. They are both doing a lot better. We're glad Bro. Steve Fulton is better, too.

Revival is going on out in the Fork community this week. Try to attend some if you can.

The Young at Heart Band will be at J.G. Alexander and Hilltop manor on Sept. 25.

These cool mornings feel good! It must mean that we are going to have an early fall.

A special hello to Mrs. Flora Jones and Mrs. Gertrude Shoemaker.

We visited Junior and Iva Lou on Sunday. We hadn't seen them in a while. It sure was good seeing those little sweet girls and Andy and Cynthia, too.

A special hello to all our neighbors in the Fork community.

Have a great week and remember God loves you and we do, too.