We hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. We were glad to get home from the hospital in Meridian. Merkell had to have surgery and stints put in. He is doing pretty good but continue to pray for him. Thanks for all the phone calls and the visits, and most importantly, the prayers. Pray for Janice Belk, Lamar Clark, the Lamar Warren family, Tommy Williams, Katherine Dunn, Adam Moore who had surgery, and James Cumberland. Pray for all of these and, also, Leanne, J.L. and Katie Wilson's daughter. Continue to pray for Bro. Steve Fulton. Pray for all cancer patients taking treatments in our area.

Bobby Faye is coming for a visit with Frances Davis this week. Also, Barry and Jill came up during Labor Day weekend.

August Rushing had a pool party for her birthday on Saturday. We hope all those kids had a good time.

Jessie and Bobby Nell called from the Coast; they are down there for a few days.

We had two good programs in Union at J.G. and Hilltop Manor on Wednesday.

We send a very special hello to all our friends at area nursing homes. We love them all like they are our own family.

Proverbs, chapter 30, verse 5: "Every word of God is pure; He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him."

Helen spent the weekend with us. This past week, Ricky came and stayed all evening on Sunday with Merkell.

Pray for Marie Glass this week. We hope she will soon be better.

Have a good week and God bless you.