Psalms 62, Verse 7: "In God is my salvation and my Glory. The rock of my strength, and my refuse, is in God."

I talked to Nelda Hammond on Saturday. She is doing good.

She had cataracts taken off her eyes so she can see so much better.

We heard this week that John Jr. Benson is doing good.

Pray for my nephew Frankie Stewart.

Jerry Williams is still in the hospital in Meridian. Pray for him that he will soon be out and be good as new.

Pray for Dale Agent, Vera, Retha Thrash, Barbara Sullivan and Clara Dunn.

Pray for all the ones who lost loved ones this week.

John Moore and Adam Moore of Morton are having surgery this coming week. There are several special unspoken prayer requests.

Happy birthday to Skky Glass on July 28, Nita Moore, July 27, and Barbara Sullivan on Aug. 1 and also Martha Bennett.

Ray Coat's birthday is Aug. 3.

We hope everyone is enjoying the Neshoba Fair this year. Drive carefully.

Pray for all the cancer patients receiving treatments that they will soon be well.

Pray for J. C. Ladd and his family and pray for Freddie McKee's family.

Proverbs 22, verse 1: A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches; and loving flavor rather than silver and gold.

A special hello to Flora Jones and also Retha Thrash. they are faithful readers.

God bless you this week.