We hope you have had a great week and that you have been blessed.

We visited Jessie and Bobbie Nell Thrash last Monday. They are doing good. We ate lunch with them and got a little fishing in that evening.

My daughter had a meeting here on Tuesday and came by afterwards. We went shopping and had a good time.

Lena Bryant called Friday from north Mississippi. Her daughter got married and they are all doing good. She sends a big hello to friends and family here in Philadelphia.

My niece Raylee and Troy Harper got back Sunday from their honeymoon cruise to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Carol Coats called Saturday and said her husband, Marshall, is doing a lot better.

Betty Tolbert called on Saturday asking about people in the Fork Community. She said her daughter, Rose, was doing a lot better and is able to walk everyday now. Also, her daughter, Martha, and husband, John Smock, was visiting her this week from Illinois. Betty said that she keeps up with old friends and family by reading the Democrat every week.

Our hearts were saddened by the passing of Joanne Duran, B.J. Long and Greg Smith. Pray for their families in the days ahead.

The Young at Heart Band will be singing at J.G. Alexander and Hilltop Wednesday, June 26.

Pray for Barbara Sullivan, Michelle Davis, Jerry Williams, Frankie Stewart and all of the sick in the Fork community. There are several unspoken prayer requests.

Pray for John Moore in Morton. Also, Merkell is having tests on Thursday in Jackson. Pray for all the ones taking cancer treatments that they will be restored again.

We enjoyed Bro. Lamar Day's message on the radio Sunday morning. Thank God for the ministers that give of their time to preach to people out in radio land everyday. There are shut-ins and some that can't get to church.

May God bless you this week.

Thanks to all of the readers of the paper.