Well 2013 has begun for us, and changes are taking place and will probably be a lot more in the months ahead but with God all things are possible.

I want to say happy New Year to everyone.

Several have asked for prayer this week, My daughter Valeria had the flu.

Helen Rich is sick.

Bentley has been sick.

Also Michael Day had heart surgery.

Junior had some surgery on his face this past week.

Continue to pray for all the shut-ins and the families that lost loved ones.

Pray for all the the churches in our area.

My sister Ann had surgery a few weeks back.

She is doing good and is thankful for the prayers lifted up for her.

Bobby Faye is coming to spend a few days with Frances this week.

We hope to see her while she is here.

I talked to two of my grandsons and their families this past week.

They are all doing good.

Shonda's foot is healing up nicely and Jessica is due to have her baby the last week of this month.

Those grandchildren are a precious gift to families from God.

We hope all the people with the flu will soon be better.

We want to be thankful for all the preachers that preach on the radio programs every week.

Let them know how you enjoy their taking time to preach to shut-ins that can't go to the church house but they can receive a blessing of having the word of God.

We had a good visit with Bro. Lamar and Mary Grace last Sunday.

Jessie Thrash called Saturday and asked for prayer for Bobbie Nell's sister and her husband.

They are both in the hospital in Jackson and also pray for Michelle Davis this week.

God bless you all this week and remember God loves you and we do too.