Federal funds have been approved to repave sections of Pecan Avenue and Herman Alford Memorial Highway, which serve up to 6,400 vehicles a day, the Central District Transportation Commissioner said last week.

The $753,000 project will include 80 percent federal funds and a local match of 20 percent from the City of Philadelphia.  

 "The approval of these funds will have a positive economic impact on the City of Philadelphia," said Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. "These streets serve several thousand motorists daily. It's important that we provide the city with a means to maintain this primary route."

 These routes provide access to several businesses throughout the community, are vital to the local economy and serve as access to state highways and the Philadelphia Municipal Airport, Hall said.

Mayor James A. Young said the federal funding was a "great way" to start off 2014.

"These are federal surface transportation funds," he said. "They are very rare. The timing was right and we appreciate Commissioner Hall for helping us with this."

Young said the city divided the project into three phases in case it wasn't totally funded.

The first phase would be the repaving of Pecan from Stribling Street to Kosciusko Road.

The second is Pecan Avenue from Kosciusko Road to the city limits north. The third phase is Herman Alford Memorial Highway from the railroad tracks past Peco.

The mayor expects all three phases to be funded.

"That is what the engineer has estimated. It will be milling, overlay and restriping," Young said.

The Board of Aldermen included $200,000 in its fiscal 2014 budget for street paving.

Young said Pecan Avenue and Herman Alford Drive were key to nearby industries such as Peco, Sudden Service, Taylor Machine Works and Richardson Molding.

"These are main entryways into the city. It will enhance travel within the city and send a message that Philadelphia is alive, well and growing. It is going to benefit industry in that area that use it everyday. Then you have north and south traffic coming in from Highways 19 and 15. "

Young commended alderman-at-large Willie Jackson who serves as street commissioner.

"Willie took the lead role in setting up the meetings. We all went to Jackson. Dick Hall was the key. We appreciate him looking out for the Philadelphia area. This is becoming a hub city. A lot of traffic is coming through our town. Better streets and entryways into our city are an asset."

Commissioner Hall thanked Young and others for their work on the project.

 "I would like to thank several people who were involved in the process including Mayor James Young, Rep. Scott Bounds, Sen. Giles Ward, Community Development Partnership President David Vowell, Alderman-at-Large Willie Jackson, Alderman Josh Gamblin, Alderman Jim Fulton, Alderman James Tatum, Alderman Cecil Nichols and Marty Crowder P.E.," Hall said.

Pecan Avenue was repaved from Columbus Avenue to Stribling Street in 2012, utilizing both state, federal and city funds.

Dickerson & Bowen was awarded that project with a low bid of $400,907.75.

The city's share was about $91,000.