A family of six survived a collapsed apartment with no injuries after the tornado destroyed their apartment building last week.

Mariah Hill was staying on the bottom floor at the Eiland Plaza Apartments when the tornado struck.

"It was me, my three kids, my father-in-law and my auntie," she said.

Before the twister struck, they put the three children in a kitchen corner and the others got by the wall.

"We saw it was about to hit when we closed the front door and got into position," Hill said. "It took out the windows and bricks and ice [hail] was flying then the roof fell in."

After the storm passed, the family checked and everyone was OK.

"All the stuff was on us," Hill said. "My boyfriend [Jasmine Haynes] came and got it off us."

After exiting the destroyed structure, the family made their way to the Head Start building to seek refuge.

"We don't know what to do," Hill said sadly. "We hope to get some help with housing."