At the 2014 Neshoba County Fair we had 200 youth exhibitors to exhibit 1,738 items in the exhibit hall and received a total of $6,952 in premium money. It was a very good year. Exhibits appeared to be up in in arts and crafts and about average for posters, food-nutrition, fruits and vegetables, field crops and food preservation.

Top blue ribbon winners was as follows: 1st - Ethan Breazeale - 42 blues; three way tie for 2nd - Derek Davis, Lee James and Brody Pinter - 41 blues; 3rd - Chloe Pinter - 37 blues; 4th - Cayla Fortenberry - 30 blues; and 5th - Rope Lovern - 28 blues.

Top premium winners was as follows: 1st - Derek Davis - $356; 2nd - Brody Pinter - $351; 3rd - Ethan Breazeale - $344; 4th - Lee James - $321; and 5th - Cayla Fortenberry - $287.

In our 4-H Booth Competition the Horse Club placed first and received $75; the Dairy Club placed second and received $60; the Shooting Sports Club placed third and received $40; and the Beef Club placed fourth and received $25.


In the Neshoba County Fair Beef Show we had six 4-H'ers to participate. Cate Cheatham received a blue ribbon in pre-4-H showmanship, Cayla Fortenberry participated in 8-10 year old showmanship, Chandler Fortenberry participated in 11-12 year old showmanship, Brody Pinter placed sixth and Summer Sanders and Casea Cheatham participated in 13-15 year old showmanship.

In the beef commercial heifer show English & English Crossbreeds mediumweight class Chandler Fortenberry placed first and went on to exhibit the Reserve Champion English & English Crossbreeds Heifer. Chandler also exhibited the second place heavyweight European & European Cross Heifer.

In the Angus Show Cayla Fortenberry exhibited the first place senior heifer Angus calf. In the Beefmaster Show Casea Cheatham exhibited the fourth place early junior Beefmaster heifer calf. Casea also exhibited the second place early junior yearling Beefmaster heifer. Brody Pinter exhibited the first place senior yearling Beefmaster heifer.


In the Neshoba County Fair Dairy Show we had nine 4-H'ers to participate. In pre-4-H showmanship Landon Beason, Will Huffman and Sam Huffman received blue ribbons. In 8-10 year old showmanship Helen Beason placed fourth. In 11-12 year old showmanship Hunter Beason placed second. In 13-15 year old showmanship Micaela Beason placed second, Brian Pace placed third and Jonah Flake placed fifth. In 16-18 year old showmanship Cole Beason placed third.

In the spring heifer Jersey calf class Cole Beason placed first and Helen Beason placed second. In the winter heifer Jersey calf class Helen Beason placed first and second and Hunter Beason placed fourth. In the fall heifer Jersey calf class Micaela Beason placed sixth. In the summer yearling Jersey heifer class Helen Beason placed first, Cole Beason placed second, Micaela Beason placed fourth, Hunter Beason placed fifth, Brian Pace placed sixth and Jonah Flake placed seventh. In the spring yearling Jersey heifer class Hunter Beason placed first. In the winter yearling Jersey heifer class Micaela Beason placed first. In the fall yearling Jersey heifer class Cole Beason placed first and Micaela Beason placed second. Micaela's fall yearling Jersey heifer went on to receive Junior Jersey Champion.

In the junior 2 year old Jersey class Cole Beason placed first. In the senior 2 year old Jersey class Micaela Beason placed first and Cole Beason placed second. In the 4 year old Jersey cow class Hunter Beason placed first. Hunter's 4 year old Jersey cow went on to receive Senior Jersey Champion and Grand Champion Jersey. Micaela's senior 2 year old Jersey went on to receive Reserve Senior Jersey Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Jersey.

Hunter's Grand Champion Jersey also received first place in the Best of Show competition making him the recipient of the James Moore Memorial Award. Neshoba county placed first in the county herd competition with their Jerseys. Neshoba county also placed first in the herdsman award competition.

In the Pretty Cow competition we had seven entries. Placing second was Helen Beason with the theme "Milk Makes Bullseye Run Like the Wind". Also participating was Landon Beason. His theme was "Cowabunga Dude! Eat More Cheese, Pizza and Drink More Milk! Totally Awesome Ninja Turtle Style".


In the Neshoba County Fair Goat Show we had one 4-H'er to participate. Ryan Creekmore placed seventh in 8-10 year old showmanship and sixth in the lightweight 1 class.


• Aug. 12 - Leadership Neshoba Interest Meeting, 6 p.m., Community Development Partnership Depot.

• Aug. 13 - County 4-H Council, 3:30 p.m., Neshoba Coliseum.

• Aug. 16 - South Mississippi Volunteer Leader Forum, Ellisville, Howard Technology Center.

• August 21 - Livestock Show Planning Meeting and Ethics Training, 6:00 p.m., Neshoba Coliseum.

• August 22 - Mississippi State Fair Entry Deadline.

Until next week, get into 4-H!