The editorial board of the 73rd edition of the Wo-He-Lo yearbook of East Central Community College in Decatur was recently announced by Publications Coordinator Gennie Phillips.

Conor Bell of Carthage will serve as editor for the upcoming publication.

"I feel absolutely honored to have been selected as the editor of the Wo-He-Lo," Bell said.

Phillips, who serves as adviser for yearbook and newspaper staffs, said there will be a panel of senior assistant editors and assistant editors who will be helping Bell with editorial duties.

Senior assistant editors include sophomores Payton Smith of Forest, Madison Herrington of Union, Candice Stewart of Morton and Claire Griffin of Decatur. Assistant editors serving on the board include freshmen Samantha Morgan of Louisville, Anna Girling and Emily Cook, both of Carthage; Bailey Easterling of Forest, Shannon McNeil of Sebastopol,  DeeJay Rolison of Decatur and Christian Little of Philadelphia.

"We have a great year ahead and look forward to having the staff come together to best capture the 2013-14 school year," Phillips said.

Bell and his editorial board have already begun the planning process for the upcoming yearbook and have been meeting with staff members to prepare for the publication.

"This year will be different and new for all of us on staff and for the college as we will be doing a magazine-style book," Bell said, referencing that the yearbook will include less pictures, more articles and more classy designs.

"Because of this style of book being so new, we are striving to have one of the top yearbooks in the state among community colleges," he said.

"I feel confident that with the guidance of our sponsor and the creativity and work of our assistant editors and soon-to-be yearbook staffers that we can accomplish this goal with ease."