The success of East Central Community College students is evident in recent reports from Mississippi's Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL), which revealed that transfer students from the Decatur college achieved the highest cumulative grade point average of all community college transfers in the state with a 3.18 average at the state's eight public, four-year institutions.

The average for all 15 community colleges combined was a 3.08 GPA, which again showed that community college transfer students performed academically as well or better in university courses than students who began their education at the senior institutions.

ECCC President Dr. Billy Stewart was elated at the news that East Central students were the top performers in the state!

"This data, compiled and reported by IHL, confirms that faculty and staff at East Central Community College are committed to student success and to preparing transfer students well for the academic challenges of a university. Based on the performance of our students, no one does that better than the faculty and staff at East Central Community College," Dr. Stewart said.

East Central Community College offers the first two years of a four-year degree for more than 201 areas of concentration in academic studies. These academic courses are guaranteed to transfer thanks to an Articulation Agreement between Mississippi's community colleges and the State's public colleges and universities.

The College also offers two-year terminal degrees in healthcare, career and technical fields of study.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Services at 601-635-6205 or e-mail Dr. Randall E. Lee, Vice President for Student Services at rlee@eccc,edu.