Doyle Wolverton, the second winningest girls basketball coach in the nation, has resigned at Leake Academy after 38 years in wake of allegations he bit a player in the face during a game on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in Marion County, Greg Waggoner, Leake County sheriff, confirmed.

Waggoner said his office became involved when the player was brought into the emergency room of the hospital in Leake County.

"The ER was required to call the Sheriff's office because it was described as an assault," Waggoner said. "The deputies took a report. They were told that the coach, during a timeout of the game, was getting on to her about a play and bit her on the face. That's pretty much the extent of it. We took the report."

Waggoner said no charges have been filed against Wolverton.

"They would have to be filed in Marion County where it took place," he said.

"Coach Wolverton has resigned. The family told me they don't want to pursue any criminal charges."